Friday, 17 November 2017

My Animated Digital Story - The NZ Election

Here is my Animated story that i have created using Scratch. I had to make my story about the NZ Election and i have at least two sprites and two backdrops.

Friday, 3 November 2017

DigiTech - Design Ideas and Feedback

Design Ideas
The following link, Design Ideas, includes my design ideas for Sprite Ideas, Backdrop Ideas, and Story Ideas for my Animated Digital Story relating to the NZ Election.

For my Design Ideas, I took screenshots to develop my design. I took screenshots of Sprites and Backdrops. I also had 3 stories that described what my sprites would say.

Design Ideas Feedback
The following link, Design Ideas Feedback, includes my survey and survey responses that I sent out to people to get feedback.

For my Design Ideas feedback we created a Survey about our Animated Digital Story. We included questions from our design ideas to get there suggestions in what we should add or minus.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Global Warming

Global Warming is affecting us human beings and marine animals living in Antarctica. Help by stop polluting the Earth and take care of the Environment to make the world a better place, also so we don't get hot and the marine animals don't lose ice. This drawing represents what Global warming does and how it's affecting everyone.

Friday, 27 October 2017


What is Halloween?
Halloween or All saints eve is a spooky celebration observed every year on the 31st of october, when many people dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. Halloween is also thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be approaching them.

Souling and Guising
Years ago, Instead of Trick or Treat there was Souling and Guising. On All Souls day, The needy’s would beg for pastry’s known as soul cakes. In return they would pray for people’s dead relatives. In Guising, young people would dress up in costumes and accept food, wine, money and any other offerings. In exchange for singing, telling jokes and reciting poems.

What is Samhain?
2,000 years back the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, was celebrated on november 1st. On the 31st of october, people would believe that the dead returned as ghosts and would leave food and wine on there doorsteps. They would wear masks when they left the house so they would be mistaken as fellow ghosts. Days later the Christian church changed Samhain to All Saints Day or All Hallows in the 8th century.  

How do we celebrate Halloween now?
We celebrate Halloween a lot differently than how we use to celebrate back in the days. We celebrate by hosting costume parties, playing trick-or-treat, watching horror movies or visiting asylum houses. People also celebrate with carving out pumpkins to display in there front yard which represent Halloween.

We have learnt a lot of new information and facts about Halloween/Samhain and how we use celebrate back in the days. How do you celebrate Halloween?

DigiTech - Animated Story presentation

This week for Technology the year 7's and I were learning to create a animated digital story using scratch. It includes instructions and screenshots on how to create a digital story. This story is going to help me create more animated stories using scratch.

Friday, 29 September 2017

DigiTech - Context Brainstorm

In DigiTech this week we have been learning about the New Zealand Election. I have created a Context Brainstorm about the elections. For example I have added some New Zealand parties. For more I have added some pictures to help out. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Six Photo's, Reading

Today my group and i did reading about old fashioned pictures. We learnt about different filters, props, icons and people that were placed in there pictures, most people were unhappy to take pictures. The six photo's were all placed in the olden days and in each picture there is something special and represents there culture. I enjoyed reading the book Six photo's because we learned about all the people that were placed in the photo's and what there tattoos and clothes meant. 

In this modern picture there is an icon sitting in front of books to represent reading and it’s in our school library. This photo looks different from the ones taken back then because of the new fashioned props and icons.

ThingLink, Nz History

This ThingLink shows what i have learned about Nz History this term.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pt England - Live Stream

Yesterday Glenbrae school went to Pt England to watch there Live Stream. It was a good day to perform the production because it was sunny. 

When we arrived we went inside to there auditorium and waited until they were ready to perform, it was there first time performing with there costumes in front of an audience. The play they performed was written by students at Pt England. It was about 4 bugs that went around the world looking for a place for Tuna to stay because she had the flu and the river was filled with rubbish, Taniwha was the one transforming them from one place to another. 

After they discovered places they went back to the river where Tuna was staying and told her the news, the 4 bugs told Tuna to stay there and they will clean it up. They all cleaned up and everyone from the places they went to came and helped them clean up. At the end they performed a song and dance, everyone who was placed in the production came out and danced. Then one student from our school came up and said a thank you for your wonderful production.  

Glenbrae school enjoyed there production because it was a musical and it was based on the world. We all hope to go back and watch another production written by Pt England because it was funny and creative. We enjoyed your Live Stream Pt England.  

Friday, 15 September 2017

Brushing our Teeth

Brushing our Teeth
Brushing our teeth involves a toothbrush and toothpaste, it also helps with our hygiene. We brush our teeth twice a day so we kill all the bacteria on our teeth and we don’t have bad breath.

We need to brush our teeth so we kill all the bacteria and we don’t have bad breath. Bad breath is caused by the bacteria, the bacteria poops on our teeth and causes it to smell even more. Bacteria can also cause health problems like Toothaches, it would leave you in pain and you’ll have to go to the dentist before it gets worse.

We brush our teeth with a Toothbrush and Toothpaste. There is different kinds of toothbrushes like hard, medium and soft. There is different types of toothbrushes because some teeth require a type of toothbrush. There is also different kinds of toothpaste like colgate and sensodyne, sensodyne is used for sensitive teeth.

Everyone brushes there teeth twice a day, in the morning and at night. We brush it in a circular motion so we get everywhere in our mouth and so there’s no bacteria left. You could also brush your tongue with the bottom of your toothbrush and remember to floss.

Our teeth gets dirty from all the bacteria that grows in our teeth. Your teeth will stay dirty for as long as you don’t brush it, it will become yellow or black from the food you eat and drink. Some teeth might fall out because the bacteria grows on your teeth and goes to your gums which will use force to pull out the tooth.

We have to brush our teeth daily and look after our teeth so they don't rot and stay healthy.

DigiTech - Moana Hour of Code

Throughout the past week the year 7's and I were doing DigiTech with Ms Anderson, we made our own site. On my site there is a presentation of the Hour of Code. We learnt to use different codes and we had to get the waka into it's destination. I enjoyed  DigiTech with Ms Anderson, we all had fun and we  learnt heaps about different types of codes.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


In room 8 we are doing a presentation on the WW1. We all made a doc of what we learned and the five w's. This is what i created.

Countries from all over the world but mostly europe
1914 - 1918
Europe  or All the Continents
There were many different reasons  on how the war started  but one of  them was from, assassinators Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his pregnant wife Sophie.
Some countries or groups had arrangements to work together in the war
There were many different reasons  on how the war started  but one of them was from, assassinators Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his pregnant wife Sophie.

Camp_Pompallier Mission House

On 22 August 2017, Glenbrae year 7 and 8 students had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Pompallier mission house as a part of our school camp.
As soon as we arrived at the Pompallier house our Tour guide Julie introduced us to the Pompallier house. Julie told us all the history and stories that are held in the Pompallier house then she took us into the Print room. In the print room there was big tools for pressing down the words and there was other tools for the printer.

We then went outside and she showed us the Tannery. The tannery was full of leather pieces, they would take it out and would place it on a rack to dry then they would take it upstairs and cut it or place it on a book as cover. We then saw long cubes with letters on the top of them and that’s how they would print books back in the day. They would also use ink to make pictures for the books and they would put it on a rack to dry, there also was a hole in the floor which they use to use for putting things down stairs if they were really busy they would pass it on down stairs to people who worked in the printing room.

The next room we went into was a room full of Leaves, Books, Paper scraps and Tools. There was a clear box full of books with leather covers and there were leaves on them. There was a window open for fresh air because sometimes in the room they could be dusty and you can look out to the beautiful ocean. Julie told us all the things that the workers use to do back in the day and they all had very hard and busy jobs to do.

We then went into the room next door that had machines with torches we could shine on the letters to see what it says and it was all facts and history that was held in the pompallier mission house and everything that happened there. After a few minutes we ended that all off with a huge thank you to Julie for showing us around the house and then we sang Hallelujah.

We all had a fun experience because we've never visited the pompallier mission house and we all learned heaps of facts and history about the house and what happened to French when they were working there.


On 24 August 2017, Glenbrae year 7 and 8 students had the wonderful opportunity to sail on a catamaran at Russell as a part of our school camp.

We arrived at the Russell beach, we met Luke and Rachel who owned the Barefoot sailing adventures boat. As we were getting on the boat we had to take our shoes off because it was a barefoot boat. Once we found us a seat we had to put on life jackets and stay put because it was going to be a bumpy ride.

We went sailing around the open sea and mountains, we also saw 4 dolphins and a blue penguin the most smallest and sweetest penguin ever. We took videos and photos of the animals we saw then started sailing for a few hours. After a few hours of sailing we came amongst big waves and heavy rain. We all put on our raincoats and we weren't allowed to sit on the edges because it was a bumpy ride.

While there were big waves they turned off the boat and let the waves and wind move us so Luke took down the sails and let the waves ride us. Once the wind came back he put the sails back up and turned the boat back on and we started sailing again.

They then turned the boat around and started sailing to the Waitangi treaty grounds our destination. We then had to stay put for a few more hours because it was a long ride to get to the waitangi treaty grounds so we all played games and then the Explorer boat came by and they were waving to us.

Once we got the waitangi treaty grounds Rachel threw a chain in the water so the boat doesn’t float away when everyone gets off. Once we landed everyone grabbed their bag and took off our socks because we were walking on water and wet rocks. We then took a photo with Luke and Rachel and then thanked them for this amazing adventure with them. We then walked up to the footpath and put our shoes on then went to the Waitangi treaty grounds.

I had an awesome experience with sailing because i’ve never been sailing before. I enjoyed sailing and seeing the awesome sea-animals. Sailing was fun because i got to bond with people i barely communicate with and with my friends. I look ford to going sailing sometime again in the future.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Fractions w/ M&M's

Fractions w/ M&M's

Today we were learning about fractions w/ M&M's. We were working with the number 16 - whole. The questions she gave us was based on the number 16 like 1/2 of 16 and 1/4 of 16 but then she took one away and we used the number 15 now and she gave us the same questions as 16.

1/5 of 15 = 3

3/4 of 15 = 12

4/15 are green

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grease performed by (AGGS)

Grease production performed by (AGGS)


Grease is a movie about a girl named Sandy. She just moved into Rydell High School and started liking this boy named Danny, danny never liked her because she was a nerd and had no friends.

I enjoyed the song's and dancing. My favourite part was probably when the T-Birds sang their songs to the Pink Ladies.

I love this play because it is set in the 1900's and because it is a musical movie

I recommend this movie for High school students because they would probably like it more than we will

It is a Musical movie so if you love High school musical you should watch Grease

I rate this movie 5

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Te Reo

Waitress walks up and asks for their order

Waitress:Kia Orana,He aha to hiahia

Hello,What would you like?

Customer:Kia Orana,He Wairemana maku

Oh Hello,I would like Lemonade please

Waitress gets the drinks and comes back

Waitress:Ka haere koe

Here you go!

Puts down Customers order.

Customer:Aue koa

Oh thank you.

Waitress:Nga mea katoa?

Anything else?

Customer:Ae, Ka taea e au te tihi ki te tiakarete i roto i nga mea katoa ka whakawhetai ki a koe.

Yes,Can I have a creosote with chocolate inside that's all thank you. *looks at menu*



Waitress walks of and gets the orders

Waitress comes back

Waitress:Kei konei koe

Here you go

Customer:Mihi Koe

Thank you

Waitress leaves and lets the customer eat.

Hakaraia - Time Line

We had to make a time line on Hakaraia

Reading - Hakaraia

In reading today my group and i were learning about Hakaraia is a Peacemaker and a Warrior

Procedural writing - Takakau bread

Takakau Bread

Takakau bread is traditional Maori bread made by the british iwi. Takakau bread has been going on for years and years and was made by the british gave maori iwi flour and more stuff but the maori iwi changed some things around in the bread.

WALT: Follow the structure of procedural writing

Baking powder
Measuring cups
Flat pan

1. Add salt, baking powder and flour into a large bowl
2. Then mix all ingredients until it is all combined
3. When it is mixed well add in milk and stir until it becomes dough
4. Take the dough out of the bowl then knead until it’s not sticky
5. Once you are finished kneading the dough place it on a Flat pan with Foil underneath it
6. Preheat oven to 200C and place the Flat pan in the oven for half an hour
7. Once it is cooked take it out and leave it aside to cool down
8. When it’s cooled down eat with butter and maple syrup

Friday, 4 August 2017

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

science intensive w/ miss Tofa

Room 8 went to room 7 for Science intensive w/ miss Tofa and we did Insulation. We have been learning about Insulation. It's important to insulate your house so you don't get sick and you keep warm during the night. You can insulate you house by yourself but you will need to wear safety gear so you don't get dust in your eyes, you can insulate your roof/ceiling/walls/floor. We watched videos on how to insulate your house then we took the information we got from the video and put it on our brainstorm.

This is my Insulation poster

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Glen Innes

NZ Architecture

In room 8 we have been learning about Maori buildings and English buildings so our teacher Miss Stone told us to make a diagram about NZ Architecture. This is my diagram on Maori and English Buildings.


Earthquake Tower Challenge

Earthquake Tower Challenge - Science Intensive

We had to design a construct a 2-story building using the following materials.

30 straws
one cardboard base - 25 cm by 25 cm
100 paper clips
20 pins
2 meter string

During the construction, how did u test the strength and stability of your structure.
We tested it by putting a bag of sand on it - 250 grams

During the construction, what strategies did you use to strengthen the weaker areas - why?
We put more pins in the straws to make it stand up and used paper clips to make them stay together and not fall

What are the strongest parts of your building - why
Pins because it helped to make them stay together and stand up

What are the weakest parts of the building
Base because it kept on bending or falling down

Where did you use string in your structure

Where did you use pins in your structure
Base because it helps to hold it in place

If you had five more straws where would you put them and why
Base because it kept on falling over

Monday, 24 July 2017


This is my Water Molecule. In room 8 we made Molecules out of Marshmallow's. The two pink marshmallow's on top are the Hydrogen Atoms and the white one on the bottom is the Oxygen Atom.

States of Matter

Today we have been learning about the states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) and the changes of matter. We learned about the states of matter like what are the particles in them and what happens when it is heated or cools down, after that we then did an experiment with chocolate. We got a piping bag filled with chocolate then started drawing things on baking paper then we left it to dry so it can become a solid again.
Three States of Matter

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How to survive the school holidays

How to survive the school holidays

Every year every school gets holidays which means they go off school for 2 weeks or more. Everyone loves the holidays because you don’t have to do work or listen to the teachers, Glenbrae Skids is doing fun activities and you are more welcome to come.

In the holidays if you are bored you can just go on
  • Youtube/T.v ( i suggest watching scary videos and if your watching T.v watch cartoon network or home and away because it’s a lit tv programme and i suggest staying up until 3am so that you can play the ouija board )  
  • Play game ( play gta5, rugby, nba 2k12, modern warfare 3 and every game because all the games a lit and you can play it all night but only if you own the games or a playstation, if you don’t own one go play outside or play fun activities with your siblings )
  • Fun activities/Carnivals/Fun places/Movies ( You could play games in your backyard with your siblings or even ask your parents to go to Carnivals or Fun places like Jump and Rainbow's end or even carnivals and ride the roller coasters or go to the movies and watch a movie you've been wanting to see in ages )

Monday, 3 July 2017


Matariki is celebrated by gathering with whanau and they celebrate in early june or late may and it rises in mid winter. Matariki is the maori name for cluster of stars also known as the pleiades, matariki means the eyes of god (mata ariki) or little eyes (mata riki).

Every year during matariki people fly kites, sing songs, pray and have a feast with their whanau. The seven stars are sisters and the mother, there names are Te Uru O Te Rangi, Tupua a Rangi, Tupua a Nuku, Waiti, Waita, Waipuna a Rangi and Merope. You can only see the seven stars early in the morning, matariki is also to remember those who have died.

Friday, 30 June 2017


Glenbrae school is celebrating matariki by doing a matariki dance. This drawing represents the 7 matariki stars.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017




Friday, 2 June 2017


Today the year 7 and 8's had tech. We had a little play around while we go to our classes and learn what we have been doing. After that we were getting prepared for our tech classes. We went into our classes and we had our wonderful teacher Matua Brent. Matua Brent was demonstrating on what we did last week Friday. We were telling him the steps on what we have been drawing and it was a Wheku, a wheku is a craved head piece and it is a Maori face. We were learning how to draw the Wheku step by step.  We then had to draw another Maori face which was also called a Wheku, but a different shape of head. This time is was a little challenging for us because we had to curve the head which was pretty hard. Some of the students had got the curve right and some well...they still had to practise until they get it right. We had to do a half a face and when we are done with that half we have to do a mirror side of the face. We were practising for ages until we all had it right. We did the same drawing on the cardboard and we did it really good on cardboard...Maybe it was easier for us to draw it on cardboard. Metua brent was showing us some Maori faces in pictures and was talking about their tribe and what they do even how they were craved. We all finished and we went to line up with the Year 8's and we all went to school with what we learnt....

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Maths, Today we did fractions and decimals for maths. Miss Stone brought a cake and we did fractions with it, then she cut the cat into tens, hundreds and thousands. After that she asked us a question and then we and if we got it right we got to eat it. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

New Zealand dance company

New Zealand dance company's performance. Last week on wednesday the New zealand dance company came to glenbrae school and performed a few dances for us. I just wanna thank them for taking there time out and coming to glenbrae school, Thank you for performing a few dances for us. I enjoyed all the dances but my most favourite and funny one was the Fighting performance they did, It was really funny and it also inspired me.  Thank You

The egg challenge

Today room and i did PB4L, we did the egg challenge. We got chosen into group. Miss told us to go look at the equipment miss stone bought we could only use the equipment in the bags that she had got for us. After that we got the equipment we needed and then made a model of a habitat for our egg. Then we were finished we had to clean up around our table and then the winning team got a prize. I really enjoyed doing PB4L because we got to do something fun.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Glenbrae Kids

Glenbrae Kids

Today room 8 and i went to glenbrae kids and read them some book’s and played with them. Glenbrae kids is a kindergarten for little kids and maybe when they grow up they can go to glenbrae school. I really had fun today with the glenbrae kids because we read them books and we played with them as well.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Inquiry term 1

Today Glenbrae school had Inquiry Presentations in the hall. My class and I created a piece of art of a girl holding the world and it was inspired by Banksy's art. We also made a science board with our art on it and more information about different types of pollution, but it was more about global warming. I really enjoyed the inquiry presentations because I learnt even more about different topics.

Friday, 7 April 2017


The Burrito

Today while the year 7’s were at tech the year 6’s and miss stone were at school making Burritos. Miss stone and the year 6’s made Burritos for them and for the year 7’s that were at tech. The ingredients that was in the Burrito was Avocado, Salsa, Baked Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Chicken, Cheese and Coleslaw.

I really enjoyed the Burrito because it was healthy and they made burritos for us to. The burrito was good for the environment because it had no beef in it.