Thursday, 10 August 2017

Te Reo

Waitress walks up and asks for their order

Waitress:Kia Orana,He aha to hiahia

Hello,What would you like?

Customer:Kia Orana,He Wairemana maku

Oh Hello,I would like Lemonade please

Waitress gets the drinks and comes back

Waitress:Ka haere koe

Here you go!

Puts down Customers order.

Customer:Aue koa

Oh thank you.

Waitress:Nga mea katoa?

Anything else?

Customer:Ae, Ka taea e au te tihi ki te tiakarete i roto i nga mea katoa ka whakawhetai ki a koe.

Yes,Can I have a creosote with chocolate inside that's all thank you. *looks at menu*



Waitress walks of and gets the orders

Waitress comes back

Waitress:Kei konei koe

Here you go

Customer:Mihi Koe

Thank you

Waitress leaves and lets the customer eat.


  1. Hi Girls,

    Well done for sharing how to ask for a drink and to respond. I like that you wanted to take it a step farther and order food, but be careful with Google Translate as it often cannot give an accurate translation! We will learn to talk about food next week so you might want to continue this then!

    1. Hi Miss Stone,

      thanks for the comment and Yes we will be careful with google translate.