Thursday, 8 September 2016

Science Intensive with Mrs Kay

This week on Wednesday Room 8 went to Room 9 for Science Intensive. In Room 9 we did all sorts of things and they were called Laser Reflection, Disco Ball and Light Refraction (lens) and my favourite one was the Disco Ball because when we on'd the torch to the necklace their was rainbow colours and that was so cool. I learnt that a rainbow comes when it is a sun shower then the rainbow comes out and that a prism breaks a simple beam of white light into several beams of light.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Mr Dudley

                                                       Mr Dudley                                                                                                                      
Late Mr Dudley was a volunteer for the St Andrew’s church. He  worked at our school for a few years as a helper at our breakfast club which operates every morning during school days. He worked on Thursdays helping with the  preparation  and serving of breakfast to the children who came to school without having breakfast.

His beautiful smile and all the kind things he said to us  just made my day and we all will  miss him alot. May the Lord Almighty rest his soul in Peace. Ka kite ano Mr Dudley.
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