Monday, 11 July 2016

Olympic Game Choice

If I were alive 2792 years ago and I was picked to go to the Olympics. Which Olympic Sport would you chose to do.

I chose Running and Boxing.

I chose Running so you could race people and see how fast you are and you could also get fit from Running around everywhere and if you raced someone up the longest mountain you would win then you'll get fit as. So that's why I chose Running.

I chose Boxing so you could be tough just like your older siblings and you could also get fit because when you fight other people they train you before you go on fight and if other people said your week stand up for yourself and use your WITS. So that's why I chose Boxing.

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  1. Hi Salote!

    I am so sorry but I can see that my comments from few days ago didn't get published and I feel terrible. I have been reading your posts and commenting! I was especially pleased to see that you have chosen two different sports for your 'sport of choice.' Like you, I would have also chosen running but I think that I would have stuck to the flat roads. Running through the mountains sounds very difficult to me! I think that I could run out of stamina for it and end up stuck halfway up the mountain!

    I like that you have also chosen boxing. It is a sport that will really help you to develop your strength and your agility. I really admire people who train as boxers because I imagine that it takes a lot of determination and focus to become an elite boxer. Do you know anyone who trains as a boxer?

    I hope that you will continue to post blogs over the next few weeks. I am truly sorry that my comments haven't been appearing on your site. I will look into it right away!

    Cheers, Rachel :)