Sunday, 24 July 2016

Rating NZ Olympic uniforms

Rating NZ Olympic uniforms.

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1. The best uniform I like the most is 2012's team because it's black and white and that is new Zealand colours and the only thing I hate about the uniforms is the polka dots on the girls dressers but other than that this was the best.

2. The second uniform I liked was 2004's uniform because I like the ferns on it and I just think it needed more white in it because there's more black then white and tbh the only white think on the uniforms is the white fern.

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3. Last but not least 2008's uniform I kind of like their uniform the only thing I like about the uniform is the fern because it is black and white but they should of made the t-shirt white and  the silver fern black but who cares it's their uniform not mine.

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