Friday, 25 November 2016

Kiwi Can👍

Yesterday we had our Kiwi Can session with Mr Numia and Mrs Tuia in room 11.

As we got to room 11 we got into a circle, and talked about what we were talking about last week which was Respect, so we talked about our Topic which was Respect for a little bit and then we said our Catchphrase which was "Kiwi said Respect this place, Treat it like your own, At the end of the day, It's where we call home". Then we got into our Activity which was one of the games we made up last week and the game we played was Crickbe, there was a fielding team and kicking team. After we played our Activity we went back to room 11 and we talked more about Respect and then we got into our points and we got.... 25..yay, so after we did the points we went back to class and it was lunch time.

At that Kiwi Can session i liked it because we played an activity from our own game and we also got 25 points.

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