Tuesday, 1 August 2017

science intensive w/ miss Tofa

Room 8 went to room 7 for Science intensive w/ miss Tofa and we did Insulation. We have been learning about Insulation. It's important to insulate your house so you don't get sick and you keep warm during the night. You can insulate you house by yourself but you will need to wear safety gear so you don't get dust in your eyes, you can insulate your roof/ceiling/walls/floor. We watched videos on how to insulate your house then we took the information we got from the video and put it on our brainstorm.

This is my Insulation poster


  1. Hi Salote, well done for sharing information about insulation and how to insulate a house. Why else do you need to wear safety gear when installing insulation like pink batts?

    1. Hi Miss Stone,

      Thanks and you need to wear safety gear so you don't get any dust on you and then you might inhale some dust.