Thursday, 30 March 2017

After the spill Poster

Today me and my group had to make a poster about after the spill!!

After the spill

  After The Spill - Maria Gill

   We are learning to draw on multiple sources of information to comprehend an event.

Word in your language?
Observe and check
( Monitā )
Substances that pollute
( Osen busshitsu )
Polluted, poisonous
( Osen sa reta )
Poisonous substances
( Dokuso )
  1. Where and when did the event take place? - Bay of Plenty - 5 october 2011

  1. Using the article and first few pages of the book, write a brief summary to explain what happened in the Rena oil spill. - A ship full of Containers that fell over into the sea. After there was an oil spill in the bay of plenty, This ship was on his way from napier to tauranga when it’s bow became wedged on the reef.

  1. What role do you think scientists might have played, “after the oil spill”? - They examined the seafood to see if we would eat it or not.
  1. What role do you think the iwi might have played, “after the oil spill”? - The iwi would tell the scientist knowledge to find the sea creatures.

  1. Why was it important for the iwi and scientists to work together? - The iwi had some important information that the scientist need to know and they need the iwi to get some advice or information from the local iwi.

  1. How will the findings help the scientists and iwi if there was a similar disaster? - They would be aware and know what to do next time an oil spill will happen.

Short term effects of the oil spill
Long term effects of the oil spill
Fish and birds died
The beach is closed
Polluting the water
The water is being polluted
More fish and birds will die
We might not be able to swim in the ocean any more.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Write4Gold by Vanessa York

Write4Gold by Vanessa York
We are learning to use visual features to support understanding of the text.

Why is the title of the article ‘Write4Gold’? Because it is the name of the competition

Is this graffiti illegal? Yes, this is illegal because they consider it as vandalism. They vandalise on buildings when they don’t have permission to.

Can graffiti be considered art? It can be considered as art. It is an amazing kind of art and would love to see it everyday.

What is your opinion of graffiti? I think that its is really talented and and so interesting.

What is the main message of this poem about graffiti? Graffiti should stay illegal and is it disgusting

How did the authors of the poem and article feel about graffiti? He felt that graffiti shouldn’t be illegal and should be spread all around the world because it is very amazing

Name the different types of Marae

Thursday, 23 March 2017