Friday, 24 March 2017

Write4Gold by Vanessa York

Write4Gold by Vanessa York
We are learning to use visual features to support understanding of the text.

Why is the title of the article ‘Write4Gold’? Because it is the name of the competition

Is this graffiti illegal? Yes, this is illegal because they consider it as vandalism. They vandalise on buildings when they don’t have permission to.

Can graffiti be considered art? It can be considered as art. It is an amazing kind of art and would love to see it everyday.

What is your opinion of graffiti? I think that its is really talented and and so interesting.

What is the main message of this poem about graffiti? Graffiti should stay illegal and is it disgusting

How did the authors of the poem and article feel about graffiti? He felt that graffiti shouldn’t be illegal and should be spread all around the world because it is very amazing


  1. Hi Salote,

    It is great to see you getting straight back into your learning! You answered the questions well, but it might be worth having another look at the poem and thinking about its meaning.

    1. Hi Miss, Yes i will go back and check before i got all of it wrong!