Thursday, 17 August 2017

Fractions w/ M&M's

Fractions w/ M&M's

Today we were learning about fractions w/ M&M's. We were working with the number 16 - whole. The questions she gave us was based on the number 16 like 1/2 of 16 and 1/4 of 16 but then she took one away and we used the number 15 now and she gave us the same questions as 16.

1/5 of 15 = 3

3/4 of 15 = 12

4/15 are green

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grease performed by (AGGS)

Grease production performed by (AGGS)


Grease is a movie about a girl named Sandy. She just moved into Rydell High School and started liking this boy named Danny, danny never liked her because she was a nerd and had no friends.

I enjoyed the song's and dancing. My favourite part was probably when the T-Birds sang their songs to the Pink Ladies.

I love this play because it is set in the 1900's and because it is a musical movie

I recommend this movie for High school students because they would probably like it more than we will

It is a Musical movie so if you love High school musical you should watch Grease

I rate this movie 5

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Te Reo

Waitress walks up and asks for their order

Waitress:Kia Orana,He aha to hiahia

Hello,What would you like?

Customer:Kia Orana,He Wairemana maku

Oh Hello,I would like Lemonade please

Waitress gets the drinks and comes back

Waitress:Ka haere koe

Here you go!

Puts down Customers order.

Customer:Aue koa

Oh thank you.

Waitress:Nga mea katoa?

Anything else?

Customer:Ae, Ka taea e au te tihi ki te tiakarete i roto i nga mea katoa ka whakawhetai ki a koe.

Yes,Can I have a creosote with chocolate inside that's all thank you. *looks at menu*



Waitress walks of and gets the orders

Waitress comes back

Waitress:Kei konei koe

Here you go

Customer:Mihi Koe

Thank you

Waitress leaves and lets the customer eat.

Hakaraia - Time Line

We had to make a time line on Hakaraia

Reading - Hakaraia

In reading today my group and i were learning about Hakaraia is a Peacemaker and a Warrior

Procedural writing - Takakau bread

Takakau Bread

Takakau bread is traditional Maori bread made by the british iwi. Takakau bread has been going on for years and years and was made by the british gave maori iwi flour and more stuff but the maori iwi changed some things around in the bread.

WALT: Follow the structure of procedural writing

Baking powder
Measuring cups
Flat pan

1. Add salt, baking powder and flour into a large bowl
2. Then mix all ingredients until it is all combined
3. When it is mixed well add in milk and stir until it becomes dough
4. Take the dough out of the bowl then knead until it’s not sticky
5. Once you are finished kneading the dough place it on a Flat pan with Foil underneath it
6. Preheat oven to 200C and place the Flat pan in the oven for half an hour
7. Once it is cooked take it out and leave it aside to cool down
8. When it’s cooled down eat with butter and maple syrup

Friday, 4 August 2017

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

science intensive w/ miss Tofa

Room 8 went to room 7 for Science intensive w/ miss Tofa and we did Insulation. We have been learning about Insulation. It's important to insulate your house so you don't get sick and you keep warm during the night. You can insulate you house by yourself but you will need to wear safety gear so you don't get dust in your eyes, you can insulate your roof/ceiling/walls/floor. We watched videos on how to insulate your house then we took the information we got from the video and put it on our brainstorm.

This is my Insulation poster