Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grease performed by (AGGS)

Grease production performed by (AGGS)


Grease is a movie about a girl named Sandy. She just moved into Rydell High School and started liking this boy named Danny, danny never liked her because she was a nerd and had no friends.

I enjoyed the song's and dancing. My favourite part was probably when the T-Birds sang their songs to the Pink Ladies.

I love this play because it is set in the 1900's and because it is a musical movie

I recommend this movie for High school students because they would probably like it more than we will

It is a Musical movie so if you love High school musical you should watch Grease

I rate this movie 5


  1. Hi Salote,

    I am really glad that you enjoyed the musical! If you were directing the play what would you do?

    1. Hi Miss Stone,

      thanks, i really enjoyed the play and actors. I would make sure everything is ready.