Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How to survive the school holidays

How to survive the school holidays

Every year every school gets holidays which means they go off school for 2 weeks or more. Everyone loves the holidays because you don’t have to do work or listen to the teachers, Glenbrae Skids is doing fun activities and you are more welcome to come.

In the holidays if you are bored you can just go on
  • Youtube/T.v ( i suggest watching scary videos and if your watching T.v watch cartoon network or home and away because it’s a lit tv programme and i suggest staying up until 3am so that you can play the ouija board )  
  • Play game ( play gta5, rugby, nba 2k12, modern warfare 3 and every game because all the games a lit and you can play it all night but only if you own the games or a playstation, if you don’t own one go play outside or play fun activities with your siblings )
  • Fun activities/Carnivals/Fun places/Movies ( You could play games in your backyard with your siblings or even ask your parents to go to Carnivals or Fun places like Jump and Rainbow's end or even carnivals and ride the roller coasters or go to the movies and watch a movie you've been wanting to see in ages )


  1. Hi Salote!

    You've come up with some great ideas for fun things to do on the holidays. You could also blog with us for the Winter Learning Journey programme, earn lots of points and be in to win some great prizes!!

    Rachel :)

    1. Hi Rachel,

      thank you, im doing the winter learing journey programme. hopefully i win!!


    2. Hi Salote,

      I am happy to read that you're going to do the Winter Learning Journey programme this holiday. That's awesome!


  2. Hi my name is Rico. I really like how you came up with great ideas for the holidays, I really like some of those games you had it would be cool to try some of them out. I really liked everything it didn’t look like there were any mistakes except check your punctuation. If you want to check out my blog it is