Saturday, 29 July 2017

Earthquake Tower Challenge

Earthquake Tower Challenge - Science Intensive

We had to design a construct a 2-story building using the following materials.

30 straws
one cardboard base - 25 cm by 25 cm
100 paper clips
20 pins
2 meter string

During the construction, how did u test the strength and stability of your structure.
We tested it by putting a bag of sand on it - 250 grams

During the construction, what strategies did you use to strengthen the weaker areas - why?
We put more pins in the straws to make it stand up and used paper clips to make them stay together and not fall

What are the strongest parts of your building - why
Pins because it helped to make them stay together and stand up

What are the weakest parts of the building
Base because it kept on bending or falling down

Where did you use string in your structure

Where did you use pins in your structure
Base because it helps to hold it in place

If you had five more straws where would you put them and why
Base because it kept on falling over

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