Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Camp_Pompallier Mission House

On 22 August 2017, Glenbrae year 7 and 8 students had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Pompallier mission house as a part of our school camp.
As soon as we arrived at the Pompallier house our Tour guide Julie introduced us to the Pompallier house. Julie told us all the history and stories that are held in the Pompallier house then she took us into the Print room. In the print room there was big tools for pressing down the words and there was other tools for the printer.

We then went outside and she showed us the Tannery. The tannery was full of leather pieces, they would take it out and would place it on a rack to dry then they would take it upstairs and cut it or place it on a book as cover. We then saw long cubes with letters on the top of them and that’s how they would print books back in the day. They would also use ink to make pictures for the books and they would put it on a rack to dry, there also was a hole in the floor which they use to use for putting things down stairs if they were really busy they would pass it on down stairs to people who worked in the printing room.

The next room we went into was a room full of Leaves, Books, Paper scraps and Tools. There was a clear box full of books with leather covers and there were leaves on them. There was a window open for fresh air because sometimes in the room they could be dusty and you can look out to the beautiful ocean. Julie told us all the things that the workers use to do back in the day and they all had very hard and busy jobs to do.

We then went into the room next door that had machines with torches we could shine on the letters to see what it says and it was all facts and history that was held in the pompallier mission house and everything that happened there. After a few minutes we ended that all off with a huge thank you to Julie for showing us around the house and then we sang Hallelujah.

We all had a fun experience because we've never visited the pompallier mission house and we all learned heaps of facts and history about the house and what happened to French when they were working there.

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