Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pt England - Live Stream

Yesterday Glenbrae school went to Pt England to watch there Live Stream. It was a good day to perform the production because it was sunny. 

When we arrived we went inside to there auditorium and waited until they were ready to perform, it was there first time performing with there costumes in front of an audience. The play they performed was written by students at Pt England. It was about 4 bugs that went around the world looking for a place for Tuna to stay because she had the flu and the river was filled with rubbish, Taniwha was the one transforming them from one place to another. 

After they discovered places they went back to the river where Tuna was staying and told her the news, the 4 bugs told Tuna to stay there and they will clean it up. They all cleaned up and everyone from the places they went to came and helped them clean up. At the end they performed a song and dance, everyone who was placed in the production came out and danced. Then one student from our school came up and said a thank you for your wonderful production.  

Glenbrae school enjoyed there production because it was a musical and it was based on the world. We all hope to go back and watch another production written by Pt England because it was funny and creative. We enjoyed your Live Stream Pt England.  

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