Friday, 3 June 2016

Making Predictions

Connected - Level 4 - Oceans A Source Of Life - Catch my Drift by Sarah Wilcox.

WALT: I am learning to make predictions on the text by looking at the title, Subtitles and Visual Cues.
I Predicted that this article is about......

  • The world having no Plants or Flowers.
  • Washed diatoms in the Sea.
  • Dino flagellates.
  • Plants and Phytoplankton making their own food.

After I read the Article I found out that..........
Washed Diatoms have been in the water for ages and all living organisms need food to live. Diatoms are tiny, intricately patterned capsules and that you can find a Diatom with one line of symmetry?. Sometimes favourable conditions cause a population explosion of phytoplankton.

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