Friday, 3 June 2016

NZ Native Bush Poem

NZ Native Bush Poem

In the Forest there is a lot of Tree’s For all the Bee’s
Some people are Scared when they See Bugs but they always give people Hugs
There is Flowers that have Showers
The grass is Green and it is also is Clean

Branches are Brown and they fall on the Ground
We always see Bushes that always Pushes
Birds are so Cool that Drool
The Birds can spell Words

We have a forest and a Rainforest
I love bugs and we all pull plugs
I love to see the Sun and have some Fun
The native bush has cool Plants and Grants

The plants and flowers are Colourful and Powerful
We love the sky but not to Cry
When we got there we sprayed our Shoes and we went on a Cruz

I love the Aloe Plant because it help’s your Sores and we always stand on Floors.

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