Thursday, 18 January 2018

SLJ week 4, day 2

SLJ, Winter Learning Journey
Day 2: A Decade of Sport

Activity 1: Chasing Great

Over the past 17 years New Zealand has experienced a number of sporting highlights, perhaps none larger than the back-to-back Rugby World Cup victories in 2011 and 2015. In both competitions our national rugby team, the All Blacks, was captained by a man named Richie McCaw. He is arguably one of the best rugby players of all time. A movie called Chasing Great was recently created to document his incredible rugby career.

Please watch the trailer for Chasing Great and read about Richie McCaw online. On your blog tell us three things that you learned about Richie that you did not know beforehand. What else would you like to know about Richie?

1. In 2000 he played for the New Zealand U21 team and made his provincial debut for Cqnterbury

2. He played 61 times on New Zealand soil, losing just two Tests 

3. He captained the national team, the All Blacks, in 110 out of 148 test matches, and won two rugby world cups
Activity 2: Sporting Heroes

In 2015, a kiwi golfer named Lydia Ko became the youngest woman in the world to reach the #1 ranking. She was only 17 years old. Many people from here in New Zealand and overseas really admire her and think of her as a modern-day sporting hero. Who is your sporting hero? They can be a famous athlete, or even a member of your family or community. It’s completely up to you. 

On your blog tell us about your sporting hero. Who are they? Why are they a hero? Include a photo of them in your blog post.

Lionel Messi

Image result for messi

Lionel Messi is my sport hero. He's a very good soccer player. He plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team, he has also won medals at the football summer olympics in 2008. He inspires a lot of people into playing soccer and being confident in who they are. Don't be afraid to show your talent. He's a legend in soccer
Bonus Activity: Shake it Off

In recent years, many New Zealanders have embraced a new form of exercise called Zumba©. It was developed by a man named Alberto Perez who lives in the country of Columbia. He created Zumba by bringing together many different dance styles including: cumbia, mambo, hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, tango, merengue and mambo.


Choose one of the dance styles mentioned above and click on the name to read more about it. Once you are done, post three interesting facts about the dance style on your blog. In which country did it originate? Who originally created it?

1. The Salsa dance originated from the Caribbean, Cuba
2. The inventor for the Salsa dance in Cuban Son
3. The Salsa dance is not solely a Cuban dance. It it believed that it represents a combination of African and Caribbean dances 

Image result for facts on the salsa dance


  1. Hi Salote,

    I am so pleased to see that you are completing the Summer Learning Journey! You are doing so well and it is great to see you learning about so many different things. Would you like to try Salsa? It could be a good dance for prizegiving!

  2. Hey again Salote, thank you for completing another three activities. Awesome work!

    Richie McCaw is a terrific role model for young New Zealander's all over the country. I like how humble and kind he is too. He's really sensible and mature. It's quite remarkable that he became the All Black's captain at age 23. That must have been such a unique experience. Have you seen his movie? Did you know that since he has retired from the All Blacks he has become a helicopter pilot?

    Lionel Messi certainly is a legend of the game. I love watching him play because he has such a soft touch and can easily dribble through multiple defenders. He's got an amazing strike on him as well. It's just cool how good he is for such a small person. He doesn't need to be big, strong and tall to be the best.
    Do you play football/soccer? I've played since I was five years old. It's such a beautiful game.

    Thanks for sharing some interesting facts about Salsa dancing. It's an impressive dance. I don't think I would be very good at it. The dancers must train for many hours a day to become as good as they are.
    Do you like to dance? Do you dance at school?

    Thanks, Billy