Friday, 2 June 2017


Today the year 7 and 8's had tech. We had a little play around while we go to our classes and learn what we have been doing. After that we were getting prepared for our tech classes. We went into our classes and we had our wonderful teacher Matua Brent. Matua Brent was demonstrating on what we did last week Friday. We were telling him the steps on what we have been drawing and it was a Wheku, a wheku is a craved head piece and it is a Maori face. We were learning how to draw the Wheku step by step.  We then had to draw another Maori face which was also called a Wheku, but a different shape of head. This time is was a little challenging for us because we had to curve the head which was pretty hard. Some of the students had got the curve right and some well...they still had to practise until they get it right. We had to do a half a face and when we are done with that half we have to do a mirror side of the face. We were practising for ages until we all had it right. We did the same drawing on the cardboard and we did it really good on cardboard...Maybe it was easier for us to draw it on cardboard. Metua brent was showing us some Maori faces in pictures and was talking about their tribe and what they do even how they were craved. We all finished and we went to line up with the Year 8's and we all went to school with what we learnt....


  1. Hi Salote, this sounds like a really interesting lesson; I like how you used reflections to help you to draw the image. Will you finish carving your wheku next week?

    1. Hi Miss Stone, We haven't started carving yet but thanks for commenting.