Friday, 22 June 2018

Week 7 Independent work - Maths

1. Lana and Dayna are building a hen house. Lana estimated they would need 9.75 metres but Dayne disagree saying they need at least 1.75 more metres. How many metres do they need? 11.5

2. I used 6.08 litres of water for my garden. On a winter’s day I only use 3.79 litres. How much more water is needed on a non winter day? 2.29

3. Sam took his birthday cake to school. The teacher cut 0.25 for the principal and 0.5 for the class next door. What is left of the cake in decimals? 0.35

4. From Auckland to Hamilton is 201.34 km. What is the distance travelled if we travel from Auckland to Hamilton then back? 402.68

5. Today a plant is 0.98 metres long. It grows 0.1 metres a day. How long is the tree 7 days from now? 1.68

A. What is 5 tenths greater than 8 tenths? 1.3
B. How many hundredths are in 3? 0.03
C. How many tenths are in 4.5? 0.5
D. Which is greater 0.89 or 0.764? 0.89

Write these numbers in words
Seventy two million, three hundred thousand, four ten thousand, three thousand, four hundred and twenty eight
Eight hundred, seventy three, point, five tenths, four hundreths and two thousandths
Eight hundreths and two thousandths
Nineteen million, two hundred thousands, eight ten thousand, four thousand, two hundreds  
Ninety million, two hundred thousands, three ten thousands, one thousand
Eight thousandths

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