Saturday, 24 February 2018

Dye Art

Today in room 7 we did a project on art, we used dye and crayons. We drew a flower petal with any pattern inside. We then picked 3 colours to use and coloured our work in. Then we coloured it in with dye and left it to dry

Things you will need

Crayons (no pastels)
Sketching pencil


1. Firstly fold you piece of paper into quarters and sketch out your flower petal
2. Draw a pattern in your flower petal and make sure it's big
3. Next, use 2-3 crayons and colour and colour your artwork in. Use the first colour for your outline and the rest for your pattern
4. After, get a teacher or adult to help you with the dye. Use your paintbrush and go over your work with the dye
5. Then, place it somewhere to dry
6. Once dry, cut the petals out and arrange it on a piece of cardboard


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