Monday, 15 May 2017

The egg challenge

Today room and i did PB4L, we did the egg challenge. We got chosen into group. Miss told us to go look at the equipment miss stone bought we could only use the equipment in the bags that she had got for us. After that we got the equipment we needed and then made a model of a habitat for our egg. Then we were finished we had to clean up around our table and then the winning team got a prize. I really enjoyed doing PB4L because we got to do something fun.


  1. Hi Salote,

    I'm really glad that you enjoyed this lesson. I was so impressed by how protected your egg was - even when I dropped your container the egg was safe and secure.

    1. Hi Miss Stone

      I really enjoyed this activity i think we should do it again some other time because my whole table participated in this activity.

      Thank You.