Friday, 27 May 2016

Tikanga Maori - Maori Questions

WALT: We are learning to relate Maori Tikanga to our own culture’s tikanga

Tikanga (Maori)
Practises/Protocols (English)
Faiga (Samoan) da

  1. He aha nga Tikanga I roto I te Marae? (What are some of the protocols we use in the Marae?)
  2. No Wearing shoes in the Marae
  3. No Swearing in the Marae
  4. No eating in the Marae
  5. No Yelling/Screaming in the Marae
  6. No Stealing in the Marae
  7. No poking fingers in the Marae
  8. Leave everything as it is when you leave.
  9. Leave everything unbroken
  10. Be Respectful in the Marae

     2. He aha nga tikanga I roto I te wharekai/ Kahini? (What are some of the protocols we use in the kitchen?)
1. Close your eyes when you pray.
2. Clean up after you eat
3. Wash your hands after you finish eating
4. The kitchen should be the way it was the first time
5. No food fight
6. Eat nicely
7. Respect the people that make the food
8. Hands and feet to yourself
9. No sitting on the table
10. No wearing hats when you eat

3. He aha nga Tikanga I roto I to ruma? (What are some of the protocols we use in our rooms?)
  1. No jumping on the bed
  2. No girls allowed in boys room and no Boys allowed in girls room
  3. No messing up the room
  4. No shoes on the bed
  5. Leave the room clean as it was the first time
  6. No punching the walls
  7. No fighting in the room
  8. No Drawing on the walls
  9. No breaking anything
  10. No Throwing your clothes or shoes around put them in one place so you know where it is
   4. He aha nga Tikanga I roto I to Tangi? (What are some protocols you use at your cultures funerals?)
  1.  Pay respect to the person that died.
  2. Be Quiet
  3. Wear Black
  4. Have it at somebody’s house (Church)
  5. Never leave the dead body alone.

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