Thursday, 12 April 2018

Writing - The Concert

The concert

The sun sets and it’s getting late. Jackson and Ivan headed for the showers while Mark and Twan were picking out their clothes. Jackson had a bad feeling in his gut like something was going to happen, but he pushed his worries aside and tried to enjoy the night.

Mark had already gotten changed. He was wearing the usual clothes he wears when going out, a black long sleeve t-shirt with camo chino joggers and black sneakers which he thought was flash. Jackson and Twan were basically wearing the same thing, blue jeans with a white long sleeve t-shirt and white sneakers, while Ivan was just wearing casual clothes, a blue hoodie with black chino joggers and blue vans with his hair slick back. Once they’ve all finished doing their hair and spraying Lynx on it was time to leave. They make sure the house is locked up and they’ve got the tickets, after that headed off to Post Malone’s concert.

During the car ride they listen to old school music like backstreet boys and boyz II men, “Could you turn the radio up please!” Ivan says as he still has the worrying feeling. As they reach their destination they see a helicopter rounding the building, they thought it was the police so they didn’t worry about it. They rush in line so they could get the front row which is the best because you get a perfect view of Post Malone. As they take the first step into the building they got that Post Malone vibe, they were so lucky they got the front row and they thought of Post Malone meeting them. Post Malone walks out and everyone’s jumping and screaming. They jam to a couple of his songs and when he sings Rockstar everyone jumps up and down feeling like a real rockstar.

Post Malone plays a few other songs and just when he sings his last song “I fall apart” everyone got that sad kind of vibe. “Where’s Jackson” asked Ivan “He went to the bathroom” replied Mark. “What, this is the last song he should be out here living the moment” says Ivan with emotion. “Don’t worry, I’m recording it for him” said Mark “Ok, good” said Ivan. They continue to sway their hands in the air and just right when the song is about to finish they hear people screaming from the back, “Help” cries a young woman. They see bombings coming in from a helicopter and everybody tries to run to the exit doors. It’s painful seeing people get hurt, so they tried to help as many people as we could to the exit. They saw one woman falling off the edge of the side so Mark rushes to help her while Ivan and Twan go off looking for Jackson.

It’s past 30 minutes and the police has arrived. The bombing stopped but people are still terrified for their life. Mark rushes to the other boys to help find Jackson. A few minutes have past and they find Jackson helping a young teenage boy trying to find his sister. They all look away for one second and the teenage boy has already ran off. They turn to their right side and they see him in tears hugging his sister. Everyone then reaches an exit point and there are more than 12 ambulances here. The wounded people are helped into the ambulance waiting to head off to the hospital, and as one left another 3 came back.

They then help some people find their relatives and they helpfully offered to take one family home. After they took that family home they went back to the incident and see only one family there. “Do you need a ride home” said Ivan to a crying woman with her brother. “That would be very helpful” says the crying woman with fear. They take her to her residence and she hugs Ivan with a huge thank you and smile on her face. They then head off home themselves. “You know the weird thing was, I had a strange feeling in my gut that something would happen” says Ivan. “Then why didn’t you tell us” asks Twan. “Because I didn’t want to ruin the night” replies Ivan with fear still from the incident.

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